I could’ve called this post, “why leadership skills are essential to productivity.”

Or I could’ve called it, “why leadership skills are absolutely essential to productivity.”

Or, “why it’s completely impossible to be productive if you know nothing about being a leader.”

Instead, I called it, “how to build a house in a week.”

A bit more intriguing.


Similarly, the producers of a certain TV show could’ve called their show, “Doing Good, Building Houses, and The Art of Productivity.”

Or they could’ve called it, “Life Lessons in Productivity From Building a House.”

Or, “How to Master the Arts of Home-Building and Productivity in a Week.”

Instead, they called it, “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.”

Also a bit more intriguing.


If you’ve ever seen that show before, you know that it involves demolishing a family’s old, dilapidated house and completely building a brand new house for them…all in a week.

The show’s not quite what it seems, though…

I know it looks like a show about doing good for others.

I know it also looks like a show about building an incredibly nice custom house…really fast.

Underneath it all, though, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is really a show about potent productivity principles. =)

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